Blackjack Basic Strategy Overview

The most necessary point every gambler must learn before beginning to play common game of Blackjack is the Blackjack Basic Strategy. The Blackjack Basic Strategy is the simplest and the best way to play in all the possible gaming situations without the need to use the card counting strategy. The system was created by the MIT mathematics professor 0. Thorp which used the results of the computer game simulation and came to statistically the best decisions for each possible gaming situation. The outcome of Edward 0. Thorp’s research was combined in a table that is now considered as one of the best methods in bringing down the casino. These tables are named the Blackjack Basic Strategy charts. These tables are even on sale sized as a credit card in order every gamer could take the table with him to the casino and be sure he or she is gambling number one strategy provided today. Most casino halls allow the use of such tables, so each novice will feel safer with one of the strongest tools.

The most practical Blackjack Basic Strategy rules are:

1. ignore the Insuring (as Insurance is one of the methods the casino receives its advantage from, it is applicable only for experienced Blackjack counters, that know exactly when the croupier has a 10 in the hole);

2. do not forget to split two eights (as the hand of 16 is a stiff one, it is very likely to lose and unprobable to win);

3. never split 10’s (as all the ten cards are considered to be of the same rank)

4. forfeit on 16 opposing to the dealer ten etc.

There are also “rule variations” that influence the basic tactic, among those is the number of decks and if the croupier hits or stands on soft 17. Other variables are if the Surrender option is allowed, to what quantity of hands is Splitting permitted, is the Doubling Down permitted after split and so on.

Correct application of the Basic tactic for a long period leads to decreasing the house probability from 7-8% to nearly 1%. This is very significant for the gamer as it raises his winning probabilities.

Using this strategy with card counting brings a great advantage to the gambler. However, any player using the Basic Blackjack strategy should keep in mind the fact that the Blackjack Basic strategy does not guarantee that the player will most probably win, it just gives the best statistical solution for each hand combination regarding all the probabilities.