Blackjack Audit

The Blackjack Audit is designed to answer the next questions of blackjack players:

  • What is the hourly return that I could expect with my cards counting system?
  • What are the odds of losing all the money before reaching the desired incomes?
  • What section of the strategy must be improved for more earnings?
  • What is the right moment to start applying the strategy?
  • How could I choose the best blackjack version for a guaranteed profit margin?
  • How could I verify the 2 % return of income guaranteed by the developers of my system?

Some answers

  • Sorry, I am not good with numbers. I don't think I would be able to use Blackjack Audit

The software is simple to use and understand. It won't lose you into complicated mathematics, statistics, and probabilities. Instead of giving you the complicated formula, it will only tell you about required improvements. Scripts, analysis, and statistics are already developed and embalmed in the software's programming code. All you need to do is to follow the simple guide of the program. The simulations offered are absolutely astonishing, explaining you every line and every code!

  • How could I achieve the desired incomes with Blackjack Audit?

As said before, Blackjack Audit must not be mistaken with the cards counting systems. You will need a system that is already developed. Moreover, if your system is working, the software will not help you. Blackjack Audit is only designed to improve the already developed systems that are not working. Blackjack Audit simulates a complete game of blackjack, including possible scenarios. The software simulates thousands of possible combinations, telling you about your system's flops.
You also have another method at your disposal: improve your system on your own, and try it at the free tables. This will surely take months, and we can't estimate the possible losses. Buy Blackjack Audit and simulate all the possible combinations with your personalized systems!

Features of Blackjack Audit

Blackjack Counter is a system that develops cards counting systems. Blackjack Audit is the featured program that is approved and tested by Blackjack Counter. The program is available on any mobile platform

  • ROR simulator: this exclusive feature will simulate lost blackjack games with your cards counting systems. Of course, it is not a desirable scenario, but you will lose some games even with the best strategy. This feature of Blackjack Audit would estimate potential losses, so you could manage your budget wisely.
  • Advanced documentation and guides: Even the perfect cards counting system could be improved. Blackjack Audit would find those flops, allowing you to become the best blackjack player both in the online and offline casinos!