Reading Blackjack Books

Blackjack book offers are available in plenty both in print form and in electronic versions over the internet. It is your interest in the game and the desire to become a professional blackjack player which will compel you to find out these books and read them. The books explain much details about the basics of the games, the blackjack variations including progressive blackjack and any new rules that there may be. To become a professional blackjack player you need to learn well the theory as well as the practical part. You need to read all the rules to be able to make decisions as to which blackjack variants will most likely suit your interest, talents and desire. The books range from historical times to modern times with some explaining blackjack variants that are no longer in existence or if they are writing about variations that existed then probably the rules do not exist. It is for such reasons that it may be rather confusing for prospective blackjack players to decide which books are more appropriate because you may not have to read all the books as if you want to become a professor of blackjack.

Selected Blackjack Books

Basic Blackjackby Stanford Wong is an introductory blackjack book which is suitable for any beginner in the game. It covers the basic rules of the different blackjacks and explains their difference as well.

Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution is a book that may be considered a must read for any blackjack game beginners. The book introduces the player to basic card counting systems which you will find very important for beginners. Better systems of counting exist but they are not appropriate for beginners as they may only lead to confusion.

Twenty First Century Blackjack is another introductory book which covers the basic card counting strategies that can be of helpful to beginners.

Play Blackjack Online like the Pros is useful for both beginners and players at intermediate level. It provides slow transition from basic card counting strategies to medium level card counting strategies.

Burning the Tables in Las Vegas was written by a blackjack professional Ian Andersen. Ian Andersen moves a step further from the basics to introduce card counting strategies that become useful for players at the intermediate level. It also introduces the player to advanced card counting techniques and narrates interesting stories about professional gamblers. And there are other books you may consider like Million Dollar Blackjack.