Types of Blackjack Card Counting

As any other casino game, blackjack is a game of luck because no one, even professional blackjack players, can control or predict the random order of the cards. Nevertheless, some players used to count cards in order to increase their advantage over the casino.

Blackjack Card Counting

This method doesn't give the player a possibility to predict the values of the cards which will be dealt; it gives a broader picture of the finite deck. Card counters watch what cards are already dealt and add or subtract 1 from the total which is maintained by the counter mentally. The player who counts bases his decisions on the running number he has figured out. If it is a low number, the chances that the player will get a helpful card are low, and if it is a high number - the opposite. According to this principle card counters wager their money, minimize losses and maximize profits.
There are a lot of different books written by blackjack professional players about card counting. There are different methods and systems one can use. The easiest is "hi low card counting". It is rather simple for one's understanding.

There are some other types of card counting systems:

  • KO count
  • Omega
  • Zen Count
  • Back Counting
  • Group Counting
  • Shuffle Tracking
  • Hi-Opt I
  • Hi-Opt II
  • Ace Sequencing
  • Red Seven
  • Kiss I
  • Kiss II
  • Revere Counts
  • Uston Counts
  • Wong Halves Counting

Blackjack Card Counting: Legality

The fact that some casinos state that card counting is illegal in the USA is simply the myth. It is completely legal. The provisions of both blackjack rules and US law don't prohibit card counting. But every Las Vegas casino is a private property, that's why every owner is entitled to ban some players.
Using card counting, the player can gain some advantage over the house, but still, the player's luck determines the outcome.