Basics of Vegas Strip Free Black Jack

The Vegas Strip Blackjack permits the dealer to check for a blackjack if his upcard is either a ten value card or an Ace before players begin to hit. It also permits the dealer to stand on all 17. The player on the other hand is allowed to double on any first two cards with the possibility of a double after splitting. A player can re-split twice but is not permitted to re-split Aces. It may sound easy, but practice shows that some players meet some obstacles playing blackjack for the first time. Nothing comes easy, so find the place where you will be able to play blackjack game to master your gambling skills. Just find good casino with blackjack game, and do not forget about other lucrative offers. You should try Platinum Play Australian Online Casino when you'll have time.

The Vegas Strip black jack online free, as well as other blackjack variations, played at free black jack halls or at actual casinos, is played with 6 decks on a semi-circular table providing for five playing positions. There are circular spaces provided for the wagers and the rest of the features are similar to other blackjack games. The player requires a hand of 21 to win or to get a hands that are higher than the dealer's without busting. If the player gets 21 or hands higher the dealer but not above 21 the player wins. The player also wins if his hands are close to 21 but the dealer has busted. This is why sometimes the option of surrender is always considered.

Rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack


Peeking is allowed in Vegas Strip free black jack (Classic Blackjack does not have such an option) on the side of the dealer which allows him to check the other card if his upcard is either a 10 or an ace. The purpose of peeking is to enable the dealer decide whether to make some offers to the player.