The Rules of Classic Free Blackjack Games

Playing the Free Online Blackjack Games

Many online casinos provide free blackjack games based on classic rules. The player is dealt 2 cards at the beginning with face up. The dealer is dealt 1 card at the beginning also face up but is dealt a second card only after the player has concluded his hits, said stand or busted. This implies the dealer does not get an opportunity to see if he has the blackjack. The possibility of the dealer having blackjack is when his initial card is a 10 value or an ace. If the dealer gets the blackjack, then the player looses all his bets. To understand these rules clearly you can opt to play free blackjack games online.

Dealer's Offers

card deck

A dealer may hit until he has 17 or above, offer insurance. All the other options are available for the player in all free blackjack games as well as online casino games.

Have fun playing classic blackjack as one of our free online blackjack games and try to do your best in increasing your gaming level.