Blackjack Rules

Counting Rules

In blackjack game, cards are assigned various values to assist in counting rules required in the game. An Ace can assume two values of either 1 or 11 but not both at a time. The decision to count an Ace as 1 or 11 depends on the hands of the player. If the player has low value cards then it would be convenient counting an Ace as 11 as this will improve his chances without causing him to bust. However if a player has a hard and counting an Ace as 11 would cause him to bust then the only option is to count it as 1. Numbers two to ten assume the face value of the cards while the Queens, Kings, and Jacks are assigned a special value of 10. The idea of blackjack is to get cards that add up to 21 for a player to win or something closer if the dealer does not hit a soft 17.

The player's hands must not exceed 21 and if a hit results in a player getting a hard hand of more than 21 the dealer wins without any effort. The player starts the game and plays until he says stand, gets the blackjack i.e. 21 or busts. There is a possibility of a tie when the player does not hit 21 but get equal points with that of the dealer. In such a case the player gets his bet back without any additions. But you can continue to play blackjack and start another game if you wish. These rules you should apply when playing blackjack in a casino, and also when playing blackjack online on a mobile casino.

Terminologies in Blackjack

Stand is an option a player takes when he finds himself in circumstances where another hit is very likely cause him to bust. This happens when a player has hard hand for example of 19 which gives him high probability of busting in another hit. Standing is a strategy which allows the player to give the dealer a chance to also make a mistake.

A Hitmeans asking for another card. You can continue asking for more cards or hitting as long as it does not jeopardize your chances of winning.

Double is applied when the player sees the dealer is likely to win with the next card. The player in this situation adds his wager and asks for the next card if that will reduce the dealer's winning chances.

Surrender applies when the player finds that the two cards at hand or the total at hand makes it difficult to hit a number that adds to 21 without busting in which case he opts to surrender.