The Standard Rule Variables Affecting Black Jack Basic Strategy

According to the statistitians, the Black jack Basic Strategy does eliminate practically all the house advantage. With the invention of computers all the players got the possibility to simulate all the possible blackjack hands using the Black jack Basic Strategy.

The Black jack Basic Strategy is based on the results of the statistics and presupposition that player may double down or split and blackjack pays 3:2. Whereas the dealer stands on 17 or above, gets paid for BJ 1-to-1 and can not double down or split.

For example, in case your card total is 13-16 against dealer's 3, 4, 5 or 6, you are advised to stand because in such case, the dealer is very likely to bust, as unlike you he can not stand on the same total as you.

And one more example, in case your card total is 13-16 against dealer's 7-10 or Ace, you should hit as the probability of dealer hole card being an a 10 or a face card is very high, and your hand will lose.

However, there are additional things that influence upon the level of the house advantage, and result in some alterations in the Black jack basic strategy.

They include:

  • How many decks are used?
  • Does the dealer stand or hit on soft 17?
  • How many times is it allowed to split hands?
  • On what cards can you double down?
  • Can you Double down after split?
  • Can you surrender? In case you can, is the surrender early or late?

Every player should remember that winning at Blackjack depends on both skill and luck. A skilled player that uses the correct Black Jack Basic Strategy can not only reduce the house adventage to the lowest level, but also gain the edge under certain favourable conditions.