Progressive Blackjack Rules

While blackjack games are easy to learn and play, it is important to note that there are many blackjack variations available both online and in real casinos and the differences in the blackjack rules may significantly reduce your chances of winning if you do not take much care. All blackjack games give the dealer some initial advantage over the player but understanding the rules of play is a first step towards gaining control of the game. The rules define what moves are permitted at what points and there informs you in advance what options you may have as you plan your strategies.

Differences in Blackjacks

The main rules of Progressive blackjack game remain the same in blackjack free games as well as games for real money. However, in blackjack free online games one is not able to redeem the jackpot as the bet was made in fun money. When the cards are dealt, the game is played as usual; still if the player gets certain combinations of cards he might win a progressive jackpot. The jackpot will be paid even if the hand loses. If the player is dealt 2 Aces, he gets paid $25, if three Aces - $250, In case he is dealt 4 Aces, he is paid 10% of the pot, if the player shows 2 Aces of the same suit – he gets $50, if 3 Aces of the same suit - $2500 and in case the player gets 4 Aces of the same suit – he wins the jackpot.

Basics of Progressive Blackjack

It is widely accepted that there are many blackjack variations and sometimes one may wonder why we cannot just call other variations different games and reserve the name blackjack to specific versions of the game. This leads us to consider what factors are common for all the games that qualify them to be called blackjack. The basic idea is that the player needs to hit a hand of 21 or something very close to beat the dealer and must supersede the figure. Hitting past 21 is a definite loss to the player and hands the dealer a win without any effort. This aspect or requirement is retained in all the variations and that is why the game is commonly called a game of twenty one. However there are variations on the rules of the game which are permitted in the process of hitting towards twenty one.

For any successful attempt at blackjack for real money or even blackjack free online game, a player must identify the variant and master its rules. These are easy to find out online as the online casinos will show you which options are available and the gaming rules for each. Knowing the rules is the basics of the winning strategy since you plan how to count cards knowing very well where you are going. By learning the more variations you soon find that some may interest you more than others.

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