Playing Pontoon Blackjack Online For Fun

In Pontoon Blackjack, both the dealer and player are dealt two cards each at the start of the game. The player is dealt upcards while the dealer is dealt downcards but is permitted to check without revealing the nature of the cards to the player until the player finishes his hands. If it turns out the dealer has an ace and 10 value cards which includes the Jack, Queen or King, then the dealer is said to have a pontoon and the player looses all his bets. Pontoon is not as popular as other blackjack games with online casino players, still at our site you can play blackjack for fun right now.

Pontoon Objective

The idea of Pontoon, as well as Blackjack Switch, is to get cards whose value adds to 21 without busting. If the first two hits give you a hands of 15 or below, you may choose to hit or buy. By saying hit, the dealer deals you another card face up while saying buy require you buy another cards and it is dealt to you face down. The player continues to play until their hands bust, hit 21 which is a pontoon or stands above a hard 15. The dealer then has his chance to play and is not permitted to stand until his hands is 17 or even more. Though this rule may vary when you play blackjack for free or for real money. At this stage the dealer may decide to stand and it will require him to pay the players who have not busted but whose hands are higher than his. Players who bust completely loose irrespective of the outcome of the dealers hands. All these rules are followed when you play blackjack for free as well.

Beating 21

There are basically two methods that can enable a player to get the required hands of 21 even when playing blackjack online for fun. One option is where a player may hit up to five cards if their combination will enable the player get 21 or move closer without busting. It is known as a 'five card trick". The other option for the player to get a pontoon which is an Ace and 10 value card. Both the pontoon and the five card trick methods will earn the player a payout in the ratio of two to one if player gets 21 or the ratio of 1:1 will apply if player's hands did not hit 21 but is still higher than the dealer's hands.

If player is dealt 2 cards with similar value then they have option to split them to play the cards as 2 separate hands. When you split the dealer takes your initial two cards and deals one card per each of them making two separate hands. The bet in this case is doubled. No matter where you decide to play – blackjack online for fun or real casinos be sure to check the rules before you start.