Play Blackjack Game Free: Blackjack Switch Rules

Blackjack Switch requires the player to put two bets of equal amounts on each hand and to switch the second cards between the hands. The switching of hands is an advantage to the player and increases the player's chances of hitting a blackjack or getting better cards. Certain blackjack rules were therefore introduced to make the playground leveled.

These are standard rules for any free blackjack game that you can choose online. Here you can try out free Swtich game or opt to experience any other popular game variations without need to register.

A Double Down in Free Blackjack Game

A Double Down is one rule that makes the Blackjack Switch exceptional. Probably it is the fact responsible for its rapid rise in popularity. If for instance a player is dealt 5+3 and 7+6 which in ordinary case scenario translates to hands of 8 and 13, the player is permitted to switch the second card in which case the player can make 5+6 or 7+3 and get 11 and 10 respectively. This definitely increases the chances of the player since with 11 which is equivalent to an ace or a 10, another 10 for the ace or another ace for the ten lands the player a blackjack. It is due to such considerations that the rules are also varied to make the house edge fairer to the dealer.

All online blackjack sites consider this game as a game of 21 and whatever increases the chances of a player to getting 21 is a definite advantage. But the dealer also has interests which must be protected since they are not charitable organizations with free money to offer. That Blackjack Switch makes it comparatively easy for the player to win makes the payout ratio to be reduced from the normal 3:2 to a ratio of 1:1. A player has the option of choosing a relatively simple game and earn less or a more complicated game and earn more. No matter which game you choose do not forget to play our switch blackjack game free and then try playing for real money. Indeed, most casinos also offer blackjack free game option, still those games may be a little changed to give a player the feeling of a win. Whether it is true or not, our free blackjack game is 100% like the casino version.