Blackjack Mentor

Before applying the cards counting method in online casinos, you must be familiar with the concept. Blackjack counting is a method that lasted more than 50 years now. However, the majority of real casinos are protecting themselves against players using it; therefore, the method can only be used in the online environment now.

The strategy implies giving certain values of -1, 0, and 1 to all the cards in the pack. As there are different counting methods, there are also different methods to number the cards. Blackjack Mentor will ask you about your preferred version. Don't worry if you are a beginner. The program would tell you the particularities of every numbering system. At the end of this first lesson, you will not only be able to choose the best option for you, but you could also use more systems at the same time!

The software also includes card combinations and hints about using them. Maybe you are thinking to quit when the dealer has an Ace faced up, and you only have a lousy pair of fours in your hand. In the majority of cases, this is the right choice, but Blackjack Mentor might tell you an elegant solution to get out of this messy situation. If you don't know when to split, double or push, the Mentor will always be right behind you.

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Blackjack Mentor Features

Blackjack Mentor has three blackjack methods, based on your current playing level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You will surely celebrate when the program would tell you that you are ready for the Advanced section!
Features of Blackjack Mentor

  • Advanced techniques about getting out of delicate blackjack moments
  • Table mode for the perfect training method
  • Practicing games designed to improve your cards counting method
  • Pre-defined scenarios for practicing insurance, double-ups, multi and single deck games
  • Customizing features
  • Tests and simulated tournaments
  • Acrobat Reader for reading the strategies and guides
  • Easy setup guide for Blackjack Mentor
  • Setup guidance for other blackjack programs such as Blackjack Counter.

Don't worry about the money spent on Blackjack Mentor and Blackjack Counter. You will recover them in less than one hour at the blackjack table. Combine those strategies with a smart money management system. If you are still not convinced, read the first lesson of the guide. Try a simple blackjack game on the free casino tables. You will surely realize a major improvement in your game.

Moreover, you might discover that some tables aren't suited for cards counting systems. Don't worry, as Blackjack Mentor would tell you when to apply those advanced techniques. Discover all the secrets of the game with Blackjack Mentor and start acting like a blackjack guru!