Free Blackjack Counting Strategies

Blackjack Counting strategy is the most captivating, debatable point that a player might be searching for when playing game of Blackjack. The film the Rain Man explained how easy counting might be by an example of the main hero Raymond Babbit who counts 6 decks easy and made his bro win a great amount of money in Blackjack game. Afterwards, the Blackjack Counting strategies turned to one of the most often searches on the web. A lot of users wanted to find out how to beat the online casino site just like the Rain Man had.

The basic principle of the Blackjack Counting is that a deck with a higher percentage of big cards (tens and Aces) is favorable for the player, while the higher ratio of small cards is favorable for the croupier. Higher ratio of high cards is great for the player just because the naturals become more frequent, the dealer is more probable to bust a stiff hand (as he must hit when lower 17), and all the double options are more successful.

The experienced card counter would increase his wager when the count is in their side. Moreover, the Blackjack counting strategy adapts to the count and therefore offers the player larger mathematical odds. The technique of Blackjack Counting is not in memorizing the cards but in tracking of all the cards dealt by adding or subtracting a certain assigned value to big and low cards to a separate count.

Each count begins with a zero. After that, little numbers are subtracted and added to the count regarding the card that was just dealt. For example, in case 10 is dealt first, the count becomes -1, in case a 2 follows, the card count changes to 0 etc.

Usually the Blackjack Counting systems use the +1 and -1 count, assigning the following values to the cards:

2-7 are valued as +1

8, 9 are valued as 0

10’s - Aces are counted as -1

This Blackjack Counting tactic is targeted at looking for the positive count. Once the card count is positive, the players are more likely to receive a Natural and the dealer is more likely to go over 21 as it signals about that mostly little cards were dealt, thus the deck is rich in large cards. Furthermore, the high positive card count means you should bet bigger sums of money and therefore win much more. Whereas when the count begins falling, you are to bet less as the gambling room has the edge now.